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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chess Meeting in Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Center (DATCC)

Pic Dato' Tan Chin Nam(middle) ~ Pic taken from

List mentioned Issues were highlighted at the meeting(Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Centre )
●Multi faceted chess centre incorporating student
●Have to be actively advertising/marketing
●mentions of Fadli’s idea of attracting lower ranks player in the ‘Amatur’ series is a good idea
●activities other than tournaments
●use of GMs for various activities
●Training sessions / tuition (paid) for students from schools around nearby DATCC centre
●Ideas of Chess memebership for center
●25% discount on entrance fee
●Monthly (RM 10)
●10% discount
●need for local company to spearhead training
●Ideas of tournament without money (trophies etc)
●issue is not to profit from centre or chess but to concentrate on making centre popular
●suggestion to delay membership for 1 or 2 years
●disagreement with non-chess games (scrabble/carrom/maj-jong) held at DATCC – focus should be on chess only
●need for a working committee
●accept the off hours and not be discouraged by non-attendance during afternoons and weekdays
●Politeness and friendliness is important for chess center.
●Coach certification
●observation: good on “hardware” (place) soft or weak on the “software” side (organisation, tournaments, planning etc)
●concentrate on enterprises and kids
●Suggestion for seniors to coach juniors using centre
●suggestion for post mortem for every major event to avoid future problems.
●suggestion of Chess Forum (online)
●oppose subscription idea as may be too costly – example:- 4 kids x RM10 per month x 12 = RM 480 per year
●get strong players as sparring partners for centre
●branding – face to the centre
●tie up with tuition centres
●GM roadshow
●need for transparency. eg: MCF comittee members not known
●mobile chess library
●look to China’s example
●need for a chess hero (GM)
●encourage more children to come to centre
●maximise usage of centre as it’s open everyday
●make chess centre a “hangout”
●Marketing is important
●Publicity using cameras and large screen displays and get companies like LG/Panasonic to sponsor
●concentrate on for profit self sustaining – centre is NOT a charity
●DATCC prominent location
●selling of products like t-shirts
●using datcc as benchmark to open new similar centers


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