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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Penang Chess League 2011@3 - 4 Dec 2011

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top teams, based on total game points scored:-
●1st prize RM2,000
●2nd prize RM1,000
●3rd prize RM800
●4th prize RM500
●5th prize RM300
●6th prize RM300
●7th prize RM200
●8th prize RM200

Special team prizes:-
●Best Government Team Best U18 B Team & Top 30% Teams
●Best Private Firm Team Best U18 G Team & Top 30% Teams
●Best Factory Team Best U-12 B Team & Top 30% Teams
●Best College/University Team Best U-12 G Team & Top 30% Teams
●Best Ladies Team (ALL LADIES!) Best U-9 B Team & Top 30% Teams
●Best Family Team Best U-9 G Team & Top 30% Teams

Individual medals will be awarded (based on percentage score) for the following categories:-
●Best Board Prizes For Boards 1 – 5 Best Veteran (45 years) Best Lady
●Best U-18 Boy Best U-18 Girl Best U-15 Boy
●Best U-15 Girl Best U-12 Boy Best U-12 Girl
●Best U-9 Boy Best U-9 Girl

Online Registration: Click Here

List of Teams: Click Here

More Details: Click Here

Source:Penang Chess Association

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